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About Earthna, Center for a Sustainable Future

Who we are

Earthna is a non-profit policy research and advocacy center established under Qatar Foundation (QF) to inform and influence national and global sustainability policy.

Bridging technical and research expertise with policy advice and advocacy, Earthna will convene a wide community of technical and research experts, government, policy and decision makers, businesses, multilateral institutions, and civil society to generate a more sustainable future.

The Earthna center runs multidisciplinary programming with a focus on the fields of hot and arid climates, sustainable cities, and sustainable energy, as well as the potential of QF’s Education City as a test-bed for sustainable technologies and practices.

Earthna is focused on developing tools, solutions, and policies to improve people’s lives within a thriving natural environment. Working together with our community to co-create and design solutions that utilize our resources limits and understand our local culture and needs, we deliver a message of hope and impactful action that will strengthen our legacy.

Vision & Mission

Sustainable societies in arid and water-scarce environments

To support sustainability by advocating evidence-based policy action, encouraging behavioral change in the community, and positioning Qatar as a leading voice for sustainability issues in arid and water-scarce climates.

Our Pillars

QGBC’s operations are supported by three main pillars:

Technical Expertise Development

  • Promoting planned and feasible sustainable development by collaborating with industry leaders and experts to define A set of environmental and green building best practice guidelines based on recognized practices and systems.

Research and Innovation

  • Working with industry experts and authorities to research current practices and identify knowledge gaps and opportunities for improvement and innovation in Qatar’s built environment.
  • This will support the establishment, communication and application of the green building guidelines and sustainability practices.

Sustainability Education & Training

  • Creating a green building and sustainability culture within the industry and the community, through education and communication and providing the industry professionals with expert training on sustainability and green building practices
  • Creating awareness in the community about the benefits, opportunities and practices of sustainability.
  • Actively involving the community as participants and stakeholders in the sustainable growth of the country while promoting human, social and economic growth at the individual and community levels.


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Our Team

Dr. Gonzalo Castro de la Mata

Executive Director

Engineer Meshal M. Al-Shamari

Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives and Stakeholder Engagement

Dr. Soud K. Al-Thani

Director, Climate Change and Carbon Management

Sebastien Turbot

Director, Content Development

Nihal M. Mohamed

Program Manager

Ruba Hinnawi

Technical Lead

Shireen Obeidat

Head, Partnerships and Outreach

Francis A. Jacob

Climate Change and Carbon Management Specialist

Muneerah Al Quhtani

Administrative Officer