Who we are

Earthna is a non-profit policy research and advocacy center, established by Qatar Foundation (QF) to provide a holistic view of environmental, social, and economic prosperity. Our roots are anchored in supporting Qatar's ambition to enhance sustainability through our work, which aims to inform and influence national and global sustainability policy.

We bring together Qatar’s wide community of technical and research experts, government departments, policy and decision makers, businesses, multilateral institutions, and civil society, and collaborate with leading international institutions to enhance the depth and breadth of the country’s sustainability efforts.

Our name - Earthna - has a significant link to our work. In Arabic, إرثنا embodies the essence of sustainability, a prosperous future for Qatar and humankind, a legacy of harmony with the planet. In English, Earthna recalls the fundamental purpose of Mother Earth as the giver of life and provider of sustenance to human societies.

who we are
Our Vision

Our Vision

Sustainable societies in hot and arid environments

Our Mission

Our Mission

To support sustainability by advocating evidence-based policy action, encouraging behavioral change in the community, and positioning Qatar as a leading voice for sustainability issues in hot and arid environments.

Our Team

Dr Gonzalo Castro de la Mata

Executive Director

Dr Soud Khalifa Al-Thani

Director, Climate Change and Carbon Management

Sebastien Turbot

Director, Content Development

Dr Alex Amato

Sustainability and Research Advisor

Nihal Mohamed Al-Saleh

Director of Programs

Shireen Obeidat

Head, Partnerships and Outreach

Ruba Hinnawi

Technical Lead

Dr Muez Ali

Policy Associate

Francis A. Jacob

Climate Change and Carbon Management Specialist

Muneerah M. Al-Quhtani

Business Support Officer