Our programs focus on developing new sustainability paradigms and pathways for the state of Qatar and other countries in hot and arid environments and support our stakeholders on policy advice. We work to convene and strengthen linkages between education, research, and industry and extend our network by collaborating with leading international institutions to enhance the depth and breadth of Qatar’s sustainability efforts. Additionally, we utilize QF’s Education City as a national testbed to develop tangible precedents for broader replication.

Sustainability Framework for Hot and Arid Countries

In collaboration with Wealth Fair Economics, we will carry out a study that aims to create a methodology to accurately define and measure sustainability in Qatar.

Food Security and Adaptation

Desertification—one of the many impacts of climate change—has the potential to cause great human suffering by reducing resources such as water and arable land, which will decrease the viability of agriculture.


Resilient Cities

With more cities facing an uncertain future due to climate change, there is an increasing focus on climate adaptation for infrastructure, and social and economic reinforcement.

Biodiversity and Ecosystems

Education, Awareness and Values