Ruba Hinnawi
Technical Lead

Ruba advocates for regenerative development with the goal of building the capabilities of individuals and communities to reconnect with nature, for a heathy relationship between environment, people and the built environment.

As a technical coordinator for Qatar Foundation’s Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC), she managed and prepared a variety of sustainability-oriented programs, workshops, and initiatives to promote sustainability and green practices, targeting various community entities. Ruba has provided sustainable assessment and consultancy services to drive sustainable performance and efficient operations, and promote an environmentally friendly culture. She also prepares workshops, publications and professional training courses with Jordan and QGBC, covering topics related to sustainability, green building guidelines, and environmental education.

Ruba started her career as an architect, with an interest in sustainable architecture and green building design standards, and became a LEED Faculty in Building Design and Construction and, more recently, a Regenerative Practitioner trainee. She worked as an architect consultant for the SABEQ Program in Jordan, for the Jordanian Ministry of Planning, to propose and participate in the design of a Master Plan for preserving the nature of the Jordan Valley Dead Sea Basin for its unique nature. She was responsible for developing architectural guidelines and design codes to achieve high sustainability standards and protect the unique cultural identity for the buildings in this development area.

Before joining QGBC, Ruba worked as a sustainability consultant to architectural and construction companies.