Earthna Village

The Earthna Summit invites sustainability stakeholders from across the world to share their lived experiences, their indigenous knowledge, their research and innovations, and their ideas and solutions. It aims to catalyze a two-way conversation between those who have globally universal sustainability expertise, and those whose specific knowledge of their environment, its history, and how their ancestors addressed challenges that existed in their time as they do in ours can offer practicable, relevant solutions that enrich the global conversation on sustainability and climate change.

To put this conversation in action, the Earthna Summit is hosting the Earthna Village at Barahat Msheireb that will showcase indigenous, sustainable practices that span cultural, environmental, and social sustainability. The exhibition will have three themed zones: the sea, food and ancestral tools, and textiles and crafts. Additionally, the exhibition's agora section will host practitioners to hold short, interactive discussions with the audience about their exhibits, their connection to sustainability, the sustainability challenges their countries and regions face, and how they can be addressed. Some exhibitors will also have the opportunity to host mini-workshops on their exhibits and sustainability solutions.