In transit: Pathways to circular tourism in the Middle East

15 January 2023

We sponsored the production of the 2022 In transit: Pathways to circular tourism in the Middle East report, created by Economist Impact. The report sheds light on circularity in the tourism sector in the region, as an enabler to achieve sustainability for resilient and sustainable future. 

It identifies that tourism is highly dependent on resources from a wide range of sectors, generating meaningful contributions to people’s lives and the economy. At the same time, the future of the sector needs to be linked to the urgent global efforts to promote sustainability and to fight the environmental challenges of our time. In this context, responsible tourism practices and sustainable tourism developments have become a priority for countries in the Middle East. 

The report finds that to achieve this transformation of the industry, a systematic approach is necessary—one in which different sectors collaborate, with a focus on environmental, social, economic and cultural dimensions. This multifaceted collaboration can lead to commitments and policy changes that will enable all stakeholders of the tourism industry to adapt and prosper.