Qatar Marine Ecosystem lesson plans

Qatar Marine Ecosystem lesson plans

Earthna has developed with an ecologist expert Dr. Aspa D. Chatziefthimiou, six lesson plans for the unique Qatar marine ecosystems; Coral Reef, Intertidal, subtidal and beach, Mangrove, Open Gulf, Sabkha and Seagrass. These place-based lesson plans are to foster a sense of identity and responsibility among students towards their surrounding nature and environment. The lesson plans include many local resources that provide teachers and students with a thorough knowledge of the ecosystems’ biodiversity with prudently designed in classroom and nature-based activities. The highlight feature of the lesson plans are the maps that were meticulously prepared for six destinations to explore the six ecosystems with activities, and best practices to care for the fragile environment of Qatar.

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Coral Reef Ecosystem.pdf

Intertidal, subtidal and beach Ecosystem.pdf

Mangrove Forest Ecosystem.pdf

Open Gulf Ecosystem.pdf

Sabkha Ecosystem.pdf

Seagrass Bed Ecosystem.pdf