The 2023 Qatar National Dialogue on Climate Change (QNDCC) White Papers

01 May 2024

The white papers cover a wide array of strategies and insights across six key areas: AI solutions for climate change, sustainable economic transition and diversification, green and sustainable finance, innovations in climate change mitigation, water and food security, and sustainable transportation. These papers collectively stress the urgent need for integrated, innovative approaches to combat climate change, highlighting the importance of technological advancements, policy reform, and collaboration across sectors. Discussions underscored the necessity of transitioning towards more sustainable, resilient economies and infrastructures, addressing challenges related to green finance, food and water security, and sustainable transportation systems. Recommendations include leveraging AI and new technologies, promoting economic diversification, fostering international cooperation, and developing comprehensive policy frameworks and public-private partnerships. These insights aim to guide Qatar, and global communities, towards achieving environmental sustainability goals, emphasizing the essential synergy between technological innovation, strategic planning, and collaborative action in tackling the complex challenges of climate change.

AI Solutions to combat climate change-English.pdf

Economic Diversification & Sustainable Transition Eng -English.pdf